Bye-Bye Diapers

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I am very proud of my son, MJ (2.4 yo). It's been a week since he no longer use diapers at nights. Yesterday was also a success as it was the first time we went out without diapers, on the way home as he couldn't resist his pee anymore, he said aloud to me "Ma, mau pipis", so we stopped by and let him pee. So yah, my intention to make him leaving the diapers soon is not only about for teaching him being aware of his own feeling and cutting the expense (for sure) , but also teaching him independency as he soon will be a big brother. His self-reliance will help me a lot in taking care of his little baby.

So, what did I do?

1. Give Him Suggestion
It was actually for me a long process; every time he wet his pants I always make him sure not to and tell him to pee in the bathroom, and tell him the reason why not to.

I made conversation like this :
Me : "Yah babang ngompol lagi, kan basah kan tempat tidurnya, nanti babang tidur di mana. Kalau mau pipis di mana? di kamar  man.."
He answered "di."
I also like to change my statements,  let him to think. This happened I think before he can speak clearly. I kindda like giving him suggestions. 

2. Parents' Guts and Trust
It's always in parents side whether to choose when will he leave the diapers. Parents have to bid their luck to start doing it and also giving trust to their kid. 

3. Parent's Determination
It also needs a hard work at the beginning, since my husband and I have to wake up twice at night to make him go to the bathroom. I divided the work; husband will do the job at around 1 am in the morning as he likes to sleep very late and me  4 am, as it is my wake up time and when he wakes up my husband will take him to the bathroom again. Looking at my son's in his sleepy face doing pee is so precious.. I laugh my self out of it. 

4. A Teamwork
My husband and I are good, but as we still live with our parents, we need a full team work. Before we decided to leave the diapers, I have this habit that every time MJ with me I will not let him use diapers. I also make my self get use to it and let me aware to take MJ as often as I can to go to the bathroom, usually every 4 hours or after he drinks. So I show my parents that MJ is learning to leave the diapers. Even when he still burst and then parents will say "Udah kasih aja pakai pampers." I like to say back "Mah pak dulu aja waktu kami kecil gak pakai pampers kok." I know that they just worried and they're getting use with the practicality of the diapers. 

I think that's all the works that I and my husband  have tried to help my son, MJ, say Bye-Bye to Diapers. I hope this post can help mommy out there to do the same thing. See you in the next post. :D

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