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Helow there fellow mamas,
I hope that all of your kids have already slept, it's 11 already.
My son, MJ, has already slept like 2 hours ago, he has this fixed bed time at around 9.30. The cutest thing is that he will hardly fell asleep if his father got home late without permission. He will wait for his father to come home or he will fall asleep recklessly. Cute huh?

I use to sleep when he has fallen asleep but now I feel like I have to write a post,hehe, been a while for months in this blogosphere. You know, writing this letters I even didn't have any topic or subject to talk about, I just want to write. Good huh?

The topic will be about the growth of my son, I hope it will not bore you. Hehe.
I feel soooooo blessseddddd that during my long holidaayyss (jobless for now, red) ^^. I can witnesses every teeny-weeny growth of my son in a second. His behaviours and intellects admires me everytime. I am so happy and blessed with this wonderful opportunity. I can be with my son the whole day. Though it's a tiring task, not to mention the home stuff, but I feel satisfied. As I see that as a role not a job.

I am blank now sorry. ^^
I don't want to be such a show off talking about my son all the time, like he is the smartest kid I know, hehe, typical mom.

Let's just sleep fellow mamas,
Nighty Night


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  1. Pasti menyenangkan ya bisa melihat pertumbuhan anak. Aku juga kadang begitu, tiba-tiba mood untuk menulis tapi gak tahu mau nulis apa, hihihi :)

  2. Thanks Indi.. yesyes sama dong kita yaa.. hihihi