A letter to my son,

3:40:00 AM hanny arianty gultom 4 Comments

Dear little son,

You are loved,
everynight mommy and daddy races to cuddle you,
left cheek mommy's lips, right cheek daddy's lips,
a simple love..

You are loveable,
your smile always brights up the room,
you have that cute smile and charm,
I hope you are tough enough to face the world,
so that your cute little smile will always be there,
even in the darkest hours

I just want you to tell you that mommy and daddy see you,
opung see you, tua see you, onty see you,
LOVE you..
I hope that our love,
will save you one day in your future..

I don't know what this superb technology era will be in your time,
I hope mommy and daddy can give you so much
that can shape your character, personality..

to be honest,
to respect other people (older people especially)
to be nice to all people (without being picky
as you might need them one day)
to have a big heart,
most importantly,
to believe in yourself and
have faith in God.


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