Solid Gratitude

9:10:00 PM hanny arianty gultom 0 Comments

In the end of 2015. I am thankful for the courage, challenge, happiness and hope this year gave me.

The courage to finally step out from my comfort zone, the work place I dedicated for 7 years. Left with uncertainty of having a future job and for being a 4 months jobless. 

The challenges I had for getting a new job. 13 times interviews was so little compare to others, but it didn't stop me, it made me more curious. 

The happiness I've got for being a full time mother for a whole 4 months. Extremely happy as once I thought to stop searching a new job and instead to be an entrepreneur mom. So happy to have the opportunity to manage my time well in order to juggle the roles as wive, mom and me as an individual. Enjoying life like those childhood memories.

The hope this year gave me. The hope that God will always be there for me no matter what. The hope that God has set up everything for me according to His plans, that is the best.

Thank you 2015.


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