Simplifying Happiness

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2016 Had been a year of challenge for my personal identity, the time when I almost doubt my self, my inner self. My heart had been interfered by the things that I saw around me, it's just ridiculously non sense for my life principle. I tried to fight for it not to embrace it at the first place and it put me in a swinging boat for sometimes, but fortunately it didn't drag me too far.  I am awake with the same me and with the clearer sight, thanks to my husband and my best friend who tirelessly remind me who am I actually.

I am pregnant to my second child. I am so happy and bless for our soon-to-be new members of the family in this coming April or May. I almost thought would deliver her (yes, she!) soon as I felt my water little leaking, thank God it was just a watery discharge. During this second pregnancy, I try to make connection with the baby through his big brother, MJ. My husband and I want to make sure that both of them are well attached from the beginning. I thank God that big brother MJ already noticed his little sister existence and aware that he will become a big brother soon.

In the next coming week, I will say hello to the early 30. :). It's so funny that at this time I felt like a really learner again from the beginning, I realised that all of this time I'm not a good learner and finally figured it out how to be one; empty your bottle (head).

For me simplifying happiness means by looking deeply for what you have and not comparing to others, always think about one thing that you are grateful about. For me, to know that my family in a good condition is my greatest gratitude, that's simple.

Have a good day. :)

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