5 Minutes Talk

3:56:00 PM hanny arianty gultom 0 Comments

I was in the middle of listening to what Jim Kwik  said about the Power of Morning Routine, so many things that were right and it struck me of how easy people got depressed nowadays and the top reason for that is they compare themselves to others by seeing others' people "feed" (life, red). They tend less satisfied and grateful. How quick we are feeling sorry for our lives and judging that their life is happier, better, cooler and so on and so forth. I had that feeling too sometimes, but then I aware that was just my fake emotions or feelings then I stop and I think about my happy family, the reason that I always feel grateful and happy. Yeps, we need to have some awareness and some thing to be grateful about so that you will not dragged by this social sickness that made by us. Morning people.

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