Nina Moran : A Visionary and Resilience Woman

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I stumbled upon her Instagram account and saw an insightful commandment speech that she made to Atma Jaya 2016 graduates, as she was one of the alumni and also a former lecturer at the university. That video connected me to her and thankfully I've got this to opportunity to be able to ask her few questions related to the video.

After having that interview I have some takeaways for me :
1. Being an Introvert with a high D personality (Dominance) doesn't make you less better than the extrovert with such a lively personality (made or natural one) until you can understand and accept who you are! Be who you are! 
2. As you have a powerful vision in your life, it's just like a mantra, it will keep you up and up and up again even you fails a lot!
3. Though you are strong, you still need someone to help you. It's okay to be weak to be strong. 

You can also get some takeaways that you really need now by watching her video link , blog link and the interview below. Hope you enjoy!
1. How my parents raised me to face challenges and difficulty in life
By talking to us a lot about it. Whenever they are sad, brokenhearted by failure, they shared their feelings in life. Sometimes they don't handle it well, but after some time, they would tell us, that they were wrong, and told us how to handle things better. Of all the things they told us, i remember more of they didn't say. I remember what i witnessed. I saw that no matter how hard life beat them down, they always face life with so much bravery. They cried and broken down so many times, but up until now, i never see my parents don't try to come back up.
I wrote this 2 years ago.

I witnessed my dad failed and went back again
Failed harder and then built himself up again.
I saw him cried, several times,
specially when his hard work went down to pieces.
I witnessed these, many times over.
His examples made me feel okay to fail
and then try again.
He showed me,
No matter how long it took to gather strength,
to build and rebuild again,
to do whatever it takes to get up again 
and provided for our family,
you just do it.
I learned that,
above all,
Always count on God.

2.The difference between the majority Millenials and the older yet still young leader in the company?
I have found that millennials, even the exceptional ones, still feel so entitled of everything. Like they have the right to everything, yet they forget about the duties that they to pay to get their rights. Like giving real contributions before asking for a promotions.
They think very highly of themselves based on how smart and talented they are. But they discounted the value of experience. I have to apologized so many times over how rude or so less tactile my staff were when they were handling clients. you see, they want the big responsibilities, handling big clients, but don't have the finesse to understand what the client wants and needs. Those things takes time to develop and they are very disrespectful and impatient about it, that they missed the whole point of work, which is to deliver the best quality of work for our clients. 
That being said, i have found several millennials, that are more promising than the rest, and they are willing to learn and live the process. But sadly, these people are rare, and they are not the general population. Let's hope this will change soon.

3.The toughest experience that i have to face
So many of them. please see my blog i am pretty candid about my struggles there. 

Right now, I'm suffering from loneliness. I have friends, great friends. But my entrepreneur friends mostly are extroverts, and they can't relate to why certain things hurt me more than it should. How some things takes a longer time for me to recover from. How several things, like talking in public still make me shake like crazy before i go up to the stage. I love what i do, but sometimes, it's just a little too much for introverts like me. I'm also very awkward and don't know how to be around people, plus i'm a high D person, who don't know how to be fun and likeable. I say the wrong things and people think that i don't like them. So, as you can imagine, being who i am, a public speaker, an entrepreneur who needs to be in a lot of conferences and public gatherings, i get very anxious and scared almost most of the time. I value people's feedback, that's why i respected people who commented on my blog or my videos in my youtube channel. I used their feedbacks to train myself to get better and not so anxious anymore.

4. Can a perspective be changed?
Absolutely. you need to surround yourself with different people, read different books, watching different videos, edit the people you follow, edit your friends, edit the music you hear, edit the things you allow to enter your world, edit the influence you allow into your life both online and in real life. The questions is not whether you can change your perspective or mindset or not. It is a decision whether you want to change them or not. When you decide you want to, nothing can stop you.

5. What do i want to be remembered as?
As someone who made an impact in people's lives. no matter how small. i want my life to matter. i don't want my life to be an accidental living. I truly, deeply care about empowering others. To lift them up, even if it's just in one moment in time. I want to be able to make people feel good about who they are, i want to show them that they can, ACHIEVE MORE, BE MORE than they ever believe. It's my calling. My life's purpose. It's what i'm here for.

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