A story of a girlfriend..

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"to my bestfriend .., It's hard to hate you even when i want it so bad..." 

I put this line in front of my skripsi page, the acknowledgement part.
Yes, it's kindda compliment, a paradox one.
We've been friends for as long as I couldn't remember. We have so many ups and downs, many are downs in our girlfriend relationship. We are such two different human being. We don't know what tied us. Yet, maybe only God's knows.

We started of being a friend in 2004. The first day we met on our students' orientation. She was the "it" girl from Kediri, everyone noticed her for her beauty both face and brain at a first place. Such a confidence and talkative young girl. We were apparently in the same group, and yes she dominated the group, she led us in the group performance and taught us to dance. Our group name was The 6th with the jargon "Mendongkrak Popularitas" and yes we won the best group.
She and I were in the different class, but somehow because of that last group performance we became a gang, a smart gang. We became close, she liked to stay in my house so did I. We talked a lot, shared a lot. I have learnt a lot from her, A LOT. To know our differences, to know her life, opened up my eyes. That the world that we live in is not that small it's HUGE. 

We have so many downs, our differences sometimes put us in our downs moments. I didn't understand her, neither did she. We've been raised in a completely different family, so our thought sometimes distracted with such difference. But again, we would get along again without no one helped us. Not only our thoughts, but the character, yes our character was so different. She was a free-spirit girl, I wasn't, more like indifferent kind of girl and again, we knew that it has been our life affected our character, then we settled the difference and got along.

It's so mysterious. There's a time when we didn't talk at all for two months when she was in the US for her scholarship, she sent me only one short email telling me she was fine. that's it. It was for me, a sad moment,where i felt like losing my best friend. I hated her that day. She went back to Jakarta and I felt not the same. She knew that and she apologized, she gave me a lot of reason where i knew it's not that it. Then we got along again.

Love. She had complicated love stories, she told me a lot about it. It was so complicated since she was actually a complicated kind of girl too. Her love stories were so amazingly sophisticatedly one of a kind. We gave each other advices a lot in this love part. She knew my husband so much that she would give me the best advice for my love's problem at that time. She is one of the person who taught me about true love. 

The downs actually continued when she suddenly had to get married in her young age on her 23. She suddenly moved to out Kediri again. I knew this for her own good. I went there to Kediri to attend her marriage. After the marriage we didn't talk for quite a time. Even when we had each other's number. She is the girl that need some time for herself, so I let her for it. 

To cut a long story short.

We got along again for I didn't know when and why. We had our bbm pin and from then, slowly but sure we talked a lot again like we used to. She and her husband and her son attended my wedding party. She flied to Jakarta with her 3 months pregnant. I felt so blessed and happy. 

Talking about the second child she has. This is the saddest part. At the first time she told me a big secret, I was soo shocked in a second of time. She told me that the baby would go to her husband's brother family who have been marriage for seven years and not having a baby. I was like what's on earth! But I knew my vey best friend, she is the one who knew what decision she made. She told me with a very strong reason. She had already made a promise with God and she would never break it. So, from the first month untill last monday, March 17 20014, I kept this secret even to my husband and accompanied her through bbm. We talk a lot and again I learn an unconditional love from her.

The second pregnant was so tough for her, not only mentaly but physically. She had to do caesarean becuase of an infection on her womb, it killed her for two months to feel the pain. As soon as I got the news from her and the picture of the little Christabel, I sobed and cried. It's so heart touching moment and knowing that my very best friend decided not to give breast-fed her and let the little girl fly to Surabaya with her new family a day after the birth made me more histeriously cried. I would not let her know this as she was the one who was actually the saddest person on earth. She texted me that everyone in the room's operation cried, husband and parents. She was the one who didn't cry and encouraged them.

It will never enough to write it down in a single post, as I have so many things to learn from her, but most about being grateful for a new life God has given us, about unconditional love, about sharing happiness, about knowing our limit, about having faith.

I love you so much dear friend,


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