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Is me again! I'm back to the blogosphere world, yay!! I am so excited to write a cheesy writing again. I had already saying goodbye to my old blog http://gultz.blogspot.com , I just want to have a fun start it all over again, especially because I knew for sure that the content of my personal blog will be so expanding with some of brand new topics I am so excited to write about; Being a Wife and a mommy!.. ^^ 

Yeps, reaching another phase of my life which is frightening yet so exciting. I get married September 28th last year, the beautiful and bless wedding that was so memorable to be remember, I once wrote a little story of it on my Facebook album about the wedding. We had our honeymoon vacation for three days to Thailand and Singapore, we spent the whole days sight seeing and having smart shopping, so we were not actually enjoying our moon. 

For a week, we admitted each other that sometimes we got so weird when we woke up in the middle of the night and seeing each other's faces, unconsciously like forgetting we are officially husband and wife. Fortunately, we knew each other verryyy well, thus we were not that surprise to see our differences. 

I had this emotionally changes as I gain another responsibility of raising a baby. I knew that I no longer live only by myself, I am soooo bless and thankful, nervous yet so excited. I have been a healthy 12 weeks pregnant mom. Every time I go to the doctor and see the little baby inside my tummy, I feel amazed. 


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